case management

Case Management is critical in the effort to live well with HIV.  HIV case management utilizes an individualized care plan which includes discussion of medical, psychosocial, financial and other supportive services in order to assist clients to overcome barriers to care.  The primary goals of the Case Management Program are to ensure continuity of care, to encourage medication adherence so clients can become virally suppressed, to promote self-sufficiency and to enhance the quality of life for individuals living with HIV.


  • Medical Case Management including an Individualized Care Plan
  • Outpatient/Ambulatory Health Services
  • Health Insurance Premium and Cost-Sharing Assistance
  • Oral Health Care
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Home and Community Based Health Services including durable equipment
  • Mental Health Services
  • Substance Abuse Services Assistance
  • Non-Medical Case Management
  • Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Food Bank
  • Housing Services
  • Medical Transportation Services
  • Linguistics Services
  • Treatment Adherence Counseling
  • Health Education/Risk Reduction Counseling
  • Psychosocial Services including a HIV Support Group


  • Proof of positive HIV status.
  • Proof of Kentucky residence – can be a driver’s license, utility bill with current address, letter from an individual stating that the person lives at a specific address or signed self attestation of residency.
  • Proof of income – must be under 500% of the current Federal Poverty Level.  Can be one month’s of check stubs from a job, current letter of disability or Social Security income, W2, last income tax returns, pension/retirement account statement, signed self attestation of income or signed statement of no income.
  • Copy of insurance card.

NOTE: Ryan White Part B is payor of last resort. We have added links for additional community resources to help if you, or someone you know, are in need. 


The Linkage to Care Navigator plays a central role in linking newly diagnosed patients, patients who are transferring care and patients who have become disengaged from their care to medical care.  Linkage to care services primary goal is to provide guidance as clients engage in the continuum of care.  The Linkage to Care Navigator is the main contact for clients who are entering care at LivWell.