LivWell Community Health Services offers patients with HIV/AIDS medical services designed to provide continuity and integration of health care. The aims of primary and HIV specialty care are to provide each patient with a broad spectrum of care, both preventive and healing, and to coordinate all of the care the patient receives.  This includes regular medical checkups, tests, blood work, immunizations, and referrals to other specialists when necessary.  Emphasis is placed on continuity of care through hospital collaboration and community partnerships. With a team of certified HIV Specialists, LivWell provides the comprehensive, compassionate, culturally sensitive care individuals and families living with HIV and AIDS want and need.


All services at LivWell are for those who have tested HIV positive. The intake is intended to provide support, education, and information to all new clients, whether they are newly diagnosed or simply new to services at LivWell. All services are low cost to no cost, depending on the client’s income.

To make an appointment, call us at (270) 444-8183 ext. 2133. Our Human Service Specialist will complete the new patient intake questionnaire, schedule your appointment, review what documentation is needed to enroll you in care and explain what to expect at your first visit.  The initial visit involves meeting with a Human Service Specialist, nursing (cameo with Key Medical Person if available), and having lab work drawn. Patients usually see a medical provider upon their second visit to the clinic. 

When the client arrives for the appointment they will check in with the receptionist.  Patients are asked to complete demographic, insurance, HIPAA, and income-related forms at this time.  These forms will be reviewed and/or updated every 6 months per grant guidelines. 

Next, the client meets with a Human Service Specialist who will review past medical history including other medical conditions, medications, and other providers. Patients will complete Support Services enrollment paperwork and identify needs related to health insurance, access to medications, housing, and other services. The assigned case manager should followup with client via phone within a week.

Following the meeting with the case manager, the client will also have the opportunity to meet with various other providers. These may include: 

  • Dietitian
  • Key Medical Person- nursing team member assigned as patient’s point person for medical
  • Mental Health RN

There is no effective cure for HIV. But with comprehensive medical care and medication, HIV can be controlled. 


In addition to office visits, we are now able to provide TeleHealth visits when a client is unable to make an in-person appointment. Certain rules and restrictions apply.   If you would like to discuss a telehealth appointment or change your existing appointment, please call our office at (270)444-8183.


Anita Fleenor-Ford, MD
Physician & Medical Director

Carl LeBuhn, MD

Reagan Poe
Physician Assistant